Hopf Orders in KCp

  • Robert G. Underwood


Let p be a rational prime, let K be a finite extension of \(\mathbb{Q}\), and let G be a finite Abelian group. In Chapter 5, we constructed a collection of Hopf orders in KG using p-adic order-bounded group valuations on G. These were called Larson orders. We specialized to the case \(G = {C}_{{p}^{n}}\), completed R at the prime P above p, and considered Larson orders over the complete local ring \({\hat{R}}_{P}\). In Chapter 6, we constructed a collection of formal group Hopf orders in \({K}_{P}{C}_{{p}^{n}}\) and found that the Larson orders in \({K}_{P}{C}_{{p}^{n}}\) formed a proper subcollection of the formal group Hopf orders.


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