Transvenous Left Ventricular Lead Implantation

  • Westby G. Fisher

With the publications of the Miracle (1), Miracle ICD (2), COMPANION (3) and CARE-HF (4) trials, biventricular pacing is now an undisputed adjunctive therapy for heart failure, demonstrating an additive symptom and survival benefit over pharmacological therapies alone. Its wider application has been hampered, in part, by the technical challenges of left ventricular lead implantation encountered by the operating physician. (Table 5.1)

Inroads to successful LV lead implantation have been achieved through collective sharing of implant experiences (5). New sheath delivery systems, catheters, and guide wires continue to improve LV lead implantation success. It is hoped that this chapter will serve as a useful springboard to improving outcomes with LV lead implantation.


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