As outlined in Chapter 4, reintegration is the slow process of reestablishing intimacies in social system previously dominated by an addictive relationship. For the person leaving this all-consuming involvement, reintegration involves journeying from a singular asymmetrical intimacy to a social world of multiple symmetrical relationships. It is a long and difficult voyage that will require many steps both forward and backward before balanced and multiple connections can be achieved. For intimates, there are two paths of reintegration depending on whether or not they choose to remain associated with the addictive system. For those who choose to stay, reintegration focuses primarily on steadily intensifying the relationship with their affected loved one as he or she moves progressively out of the addictive relationship. For those who choose to leave, the pathway can also engage them in a long voyage focusing on establishing a new array of connections. While separation is an important process in itself, the following discussion will focus on intimate reintegration for those who choose to remain in the integrating social system.


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