Fundamentals of Microscopy


Microscopy is the study of the fine structure and morphology of objects with the use of a microscope. Microscopes form magnified images, magnified from a few times in an optical stereo microscope to more than a million times in microscopes that can resolve individual atoms in suitable samples. Some instruments give information about a surface and not the specimen interior, but preparation methods can create an internal surface that may be imaged. Many modern microscopes are integrated with systems that give local chemical information, adding to the structural image. Apart from this, the size and visibility of the structure to be characterized generally determines which instruments are to be used. For example, the fracture of a multiphase polymer may require a light-optical technique for the ‘big picture’ but a study at higher resolution using electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy to see fine details on the fracture surface.


Atomic Force Microscope Scanning Transmission Electron Micro Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Transmission Electron Micro Magnetic Force Microscope 
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