Glial and Neuronal Cellular Compostion, Biology, and Physiology

  • Kalipada Pahan

The brain has the unique ability to affect so many things from movement to emotion to cognitive abilities. It can, together with life events, transform a person into an artist, a priest, a scientist, or a teacher. To achieve any goal, all of our body systems need to collaborate with one other. It is the brain that controls and co-ordinates the activity of all in response to environmental cues and demands with the assistance of all of the nervous system. Each and every demand is detected by our senses and messages are judged by merit, which in turn, directs particular responses. Taken together, our nervous system is concerned about sensory input and motor output. Sensory nerves collect information about the body’s internal and external environment and convey it to the central nervous system (CNS). Motor nerves carry instructions on what to do. Let me describe it with an example. When we feel hungry, our internal environment generates a sensory input that provides us the awareness of hunger. Then sensory input from the external environment provides us the information on how to obtain food. Consequently, motor output is generated in the external environment to get and swallow food. Then motor activity in the internal environment assists us with the food intake to the extent until we get the nod from our sensory input from the internal environment that enough food has been consumed.


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