Inability to Remove a Nasogastric Tube

A 4-wk-old, American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status 1 boy is scheduled for a pyloromyotomy. Before anesthesia, his nasogastric tube (NG) is removed. The anesthesia induction and maintenance is uneventful. A new NG is inserted easily during surgery (Argyle feeding tube, size Ch 8, external diameter 2.7mm × 107cm; Sherwood Medical, St. Louis, MO). Its correct position is verified by air insufflations and slight dilation of the stomach. The patient is taken to the pediatric intensive care unit for recovery. Several hours later, the nurse attempts to manipulate the NG because it seems to be occluded. While she is attempting to move the NG, she is surprised to see a loop of the NG suddenly appear in the mouth. She pushes the NG in again but after that she cannot move the NG up or down. You are called and confirm that the NG is stuck. What will you do?


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