Distribution of D1-Like and D2 Receptors in the Monkey Brain: Implications for Cognitive Function in Schizophrenia

  • Ladislav Mrzljak
  • William E. Fieles
  • Amy M. Medd
  • Brian L. Largent
  • Zafar U. Khan

Dopamine D1-like (D1 and D5) and D2 (D2S and D2L) receptors are widely distributed in neuronal circuits of the primate dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) which is critically implicated in cognitive function such as working memory. Working memory is dependent on normal dopaminergic function in the dlPFC and consistently impaired in schizophrenia. Therefore, D1 and D2 receptors are considered to be good drug targets for improvement of cognitive function and treatment of psychosis in schizophrenia. Current data show that D1 and selective drug targeting both of these receptors may be optimal for improvement of cognitive function in schizophrenia. The differential distribution and function of short (D2S) and long (D2L) isoforms of the D2 receptor represent an opportunity to develop novel antipsychotics with improved efficacy and side effects. D5 receptors have complementary localization and function in the brain and therefore a nonbehaviors


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  • William E. Fieles
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  • Amy M. Medd
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  • Brian L. Largent
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  • Zafar U. Khan
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  2. 2.Department of MedicineSchool of MedicineSpain

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