Panic on the Bridge: A Case of Selective Agoraphobia

  • Henry Kellerman

An immigrant man of 35 sought treatment because he would become panicky and “break into a sweat,” whenever he was driving across a bridge. The immediate effect of this problem concerned a small moving business that he had recently established. He was now transferring people and their possessions from place to place within the city. But he would not accept a job if it required him to drive across a bridge. Although this problem did not make it impossible for his business to succeed, nevertheless, he found himself occasionally turning down work because of it. His problem on the bridge was about the span of the bridge; that is, that it became a problem if the bridge had a distinctly elongated span over water, and therefore, gave him the sense, he said, “like nothing was good, like it was too open.” He was also afraid of the water.


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