Sulphur Colloid for Imaging Lymph Nodes and Bone Marrow

  • Frederick L. MoffatJr.
  • Seza A. Gulec
Part of the Fundamental Biomedical Technologies book series (FBMT, volume 102)


99mTechnetium sulphur colloid (TcSC) has become very widely used since the advent of lymphoscintigraphy (LS) in the late 1970s and, especially, sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) in 1992. This colloid provides very good external imaging of lymph node drainage patterns in oncology patients. Moreover, this radiocolloid’s in vivo kinetics and relative time-independence make it an excellent agent for localizing sentinel lymph nodes in the operating room. SLNB is well on its way to becoming the standard of care for surgical lymph node staging in melanoma and breast cancer and is being investigated in a variety of other solid tumors. Bone marrow imaging with this agent provides valuable diagnostic information in patients with blood dyscrasias and bone marrow neoplasms and those with osteomyelitis, infected orthopedic prostheses, and neuropathic pedal conditions.


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