The Technology of Monitoring a Defect's Origin by Considering Noise as a Data Carrier

It is known that monitoring and diagnostics by vibration are commonly used for controlling the technical state of the most important equipment for airplanes, helicopters, tankers, compressor stations, electric power stations, main oil-and-gas pipelines, deep-sea platforms, and so on, and especially for objects with rotating equipment, for example compressor stations ( However, all technological parameters obtained from the output of sensors as the signals \(g_1 \left( {i\Delta t} \right),g_2 \left( {i\Delta t} \right), \ldots g_m \left( {i\Delta t} \right)\) are analyzed in modern information systems provide reliable results during monitoring. At the same time, the used measuring tools and the information systems detect changes to the technical state of the equipment only after a series of significant defects has appeared [12, 14, 56, 57]. Unfortunately, in some cases, this detection occurs not long before an accident [15, 56]. Methods and technologies of detecting the defects at their origin have been worked out recently [16, 19–23]. Simultaneously, for example, for the above-mentioned objects, it is considered that weak vibrations appear in the initial moment in the spot of the defect’s origin. However, they quickly damp during the spread. They are represented as noise with a highfrequency spectrum in the signals obtained from the vibration sensors. For example, a change to the properties of the frictional forces and caused by vibrations are the basic indications of the defects in the bearings used in many vulnerable places of technical objects. Their extraction and sub- sequent analysis can give the opportunity to detect this defect at its origin—in some cases, sufficiently before an accident [15, 21, 22, 56].


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