Technology of Digital Analysis of Noise as a Carrier of Information about the Beginning of a Defect's Origin

As was shown in Chapter 1, in most cases the beginning of a defect’s origin reflects in signals \(g\left( {i\Delta t} \right)\) collected from sensors as a high-frequency noise. Therefore, for monitoring the defect at the beginning of its origin, it is necessary to extract the information in the noise. In this chapter, one of the possible variants for this problem is considered.

It is known that in traditional technologies for eliminating noise (noise) influence on the results of problems, methods of filtration are often used. They give good results when the spectrum of the filter coincides with the spectrum of the noise. At the same time, for many real processes the spectrum and variance of the noise change in time in a wide range and classical conditions are not fulfilled. For these reasons for eliminating noise influence on the result of signal processing, one has to enlarge the range of a “filter” spectrum. In its turn, it distorts the legitimate signal much more.


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