Position-Binary Technology of Monitoring Defect at its Origin

It’s known that in most cases the spectral methods are used for the experimental analysis of the cyclical (periodic) processes [12, 41]. For example, the objects of the back-and-forth motion equipment, the objects of the rotating equipment, those of the biological processes, etc. are cyclical. As a rule, the signals obtained from many cyclical objects have the complicated spasmodic leaping form and are accompanied by significant noise. At present, spectral methods and algorithms are commonly used in the experimental research of such signals [12, 37, 61]. But they are not effective enough for these objects in some cases [37]. Thus, in many cases it is necessary to use the large number of harmonic components of the corresponding amplitudes and frequencies for the appropriate description of spasmodic and leaping signals. That essentially complicates the analysis and use of the obtained results for solving the corresponding problems [37, 41]. That is why, in solving the problem of monitoring the defect origin, there is a need for methods and algorithms allowing one to (1) increase the reliability of the obtained results in comparison with the spectral method and (2) decrease the quantity of the spectrum components of the considered class of the objects [37, 41].


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