Inductance/Area/Resistance Tradeoffs

Tradeoffs among inductance, area, and resistance of power distribution grids are investigated in this chapter. As discussed in Section 1.3, design objectives, such as low impedance (low inductance and resistance), small area, and low current densities (for improved reliability), are typically in conflict. It is therefore important to make a balanced compromise among these design goals based upon application-specific constraints. A quantitative model of the inductance/area/resistance tradeoff in high performance power distribution networks is therefore necessary to achieve an efficient power distribution network. Another important goal is to provide quantitative guidelines to these tradeoffs and to bring intuition to the design of high performance power distribution networks.

Two tradeoff scenarios are considered in this chapter. The inductance versus resistance tradeoff under a constant grid area constraint in high performance power distribution grids is analyzed in Section 11.1. The inductance versus area tradeoff under a constant grid resistance constraint is analyzed in Section 11.2. The chapter concludes with a summary.


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