The goal of this chapter is to provide a brief perspective on the development of integrated circuits (ICs), introduce the problem of power distribution in the context of this development, motivate the use of on-chip decoupling capacitors, and provide guidance and perspective to the rest of this book. The evolution of integrated circuit technology from the first ICs to highly scaled CMOS technology is described in Section 1.1. As manufacturing technologies supported higher integration densities and switching speeds, the primary constraints and challenges in the design of integrated circuits have also shifted, as discussed in Section 1.2. The basic nature of the problem of distributing power and ground in integrated circuits is described in Section 1.3. The adverse effects of variations in the power supply voltage on the operation of a digital integrated circuit are discussed in Section 1.4. Finally, the overall structure of the book and the content of each chapter are outlined in Section 1.5.


Power Distribution Power Supply Voltage Noise Margin Power Distribution System Integrate Circuit Technology 
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