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Case Study of Drug Court Intervention

  • Glade F. Roper


Sara had been addicted to heroin for over 30 years and had been committed to numerous terms in jail and state prison, spending over 22 years behind bars. Her numerous convictions included possession of drugs, being under the influence of drugs, prostitution, disorderly conduct, petty theft, and grand theft. Every one of her crimes and incarcerations resulted directly from her drug use. Every time she was released from incarceration, she immediately returned to heroin use. Her preferred method of use was intravenous injection. She also frequently injected a combination of heroin and cocaine, commonly referred to as a “speedball.” She developed numerous disfiguring scars and deep pits from “skin popping” and “mainlining” (intravenous injections) on her arms, hands, and neck from repeated injections.


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