Urban Forestry and the Eco-City: Today and Tomorrow

  • Margaret M. Carreiro
  • Wayne C. Zipperer

We recognize that most of the recommendations and issues described in this chapter and book have not benefited from the experiences of people in cities on all continents, but mainly reflect current urban forestry concerns in selected countries in Europe, Asia, and North America, where conference participants live and work. In addition, the urban forestry issues and studies included in this book deal primarily with cities in countries that have the economic capability of supporting an urban forestry program and mostly with cities in temperate climates. Therefore, this chapter also cites some potential contrasts with the urban forestry needs and challenges faced by cities in developing countries with fewer economic resources, many of which are in more tropical regions. By doing so, we hope to stimulate more international dialogue in identifying and articulating a spectrum of urban forestry goals that would match the varying needs of people in different cities throughout the world.


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