Functions and Graphs

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Section 1.1 discusses the geometry of (integer, real, complex, and quaternion) numbers. and the necessary notations from algebra. In Section 1.2 we plot graphs of some elementary, special, and piecewise functions, and investigate functions using derivatives. In Section 1.3 we study piecewise functions of one variable that are defined by several formulae for different values (intervals) of that variable. Section 1.4 is an excursion to into remarkable curves (graphs) in polar coordinates. In Sections 1.5, and 1.6 we use several MATLAB ® functions that implement various interpolation and approximation algorithms. Chapter 1 can be considered as the introduction to MATLAB ® symbolic/numeric calculations, programming, and basic graphing as needed in later chapters.


Interpolation Polynomial Symbolic Expression Unit Quaternion Piecewise Function Interpolation Lagrange Polynomial 
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