Mathematical Sign Systems. Meaning and Sense

Part of the Mathematics Education Library book series (MELI, volume 43)

The concepts of meaning and sense are central here, as in any semiotic treatment of algebraic language. We use these concepts to analyze the relationship between the theoretical approach and the commitment to the transformation of mathematical practices in the classroom. In other words, meaning and sense are related to the comparison between models of formal competence and teaching models. Once again we use cases developed to illustrate this relationship: the case of Thales’ Theorem, presented in Chapter 7, and a new one introduced in this chapter, the case of the methods for solving systems of two equations with two unknowns, in which it is necessary to master algebraic substitution and the comparison of algebraic expressions. In this chapter we attach importance not only to teaching models but also to the role of the teacher as an active agent in the processes of communication and signification in the math classroom.


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