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We turn now to what can be learned from this single case. To give the mayor authority over the schools does not in itself narrow the performance gap between the middle class and the poor. A bigger question is what the mayor does with the authority. Advocates see mayoral control as breaking the cycle of what Henig and Rich (2004: 4) refer to as “the wheel spinning” of past reforms, and regard mayoral control as “a tool not a solution” to the problems of urban school systems (ibid., 249). Although over 100 cities have begun to use this tool, we do not yet know how future mayors will adapt to it (Wong et al. 2007). Some may see the political risks as too great and back off. Others may begin without a clear idea of what kind of redesign is needed or how to implement it. New York City is fortunate that Mayor Bloomberg embarked on mayoral control, with all its risks; and this book argues that other cities can learn from studying the reforms he has initiated and his strategies for...


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