Teaching Thinking with Information and Communications Technology

Part of the Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning book series (CULS, volume 7)

This chapter begins with a short review of the literature linking information and communications technology (ICT) to teaching thinking skills. The main ways in which ICT has been thought of as supportingthinking within education are linked to three theories of teaching andlearning, associationism, constructivism and socio-cultural theory. Socioculturaltheory is claimed to be the dominant paradigm behind the rise of the CSCL movement. However, all three paradigms are said to have things tocontribute to a greater understanding of how ICT can promote higher order thinking. I argue that research findings have revealed problems with all three paradigms which indicate a need for a more dialogic theory. At the end of this Chapter I outline a dialogic framework for research on teaching higher order thinking skills with CSCL.


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