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In previous chapters, we discussed the requirements of stream processing, reviewed the techniques proposed in the literature and presented a number of techniques in detail. Our analysis of the Network Fault Management (NFM) system clearly indicated the need for complex event processing in addition to stream processing. We presented an architecture for stream processing detailing the functional components in Section 2.4. We extended that architecture in Figure 8.3 to include event processing. We also presented a three-phase general purpose model for integrating stream and complex event processing.

As reviewed in Section 4.3, event processing in the form of Event-Condition- Action (or ECA) rules has been researched extensively from the monitoring viewpoint to detect situations using complex events and to take appropriate actions in a timely manner. Several event specification languages and processing models have been developed, analyzed, and implemented. Event processing systems, typically, have concentrated primarily on complex events and rule processing either as part of a DBMS or in a standalone application environment, and have not supported stream processing (at least until recently). The inter-domain network fault management system (NFMi) discussed in Chapter 8 clearly brings out the need for a symbiotic existence of stream and event processing in a single system. Another example is presented in Section 9.1 to further motivate this need.


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