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MavStream is a data stream management system prototype developed at UTA. It is implemented in Java and supports most of the approaches and techniques elaborated in earlier chapters. It accepts input streams and continuous queries along with QoS requirements, processes them efficiently, and monitors the output to check for QoS satisfaction. A run-time optimizer is responsible for optimizing QoS requirements. If QoS requirements are not satisfied by the output, the current scheduling strategy is changed to a better one if possible; if the QoS requirements are still not met, load shedding is activated. Load shedding is deactivated by the run-time optimizer when it is no longer needed. Wefirst implemented an experimental testbed (in C language) which has been used for all the experimental validation presented in earlier chapters. This testbed does not have a run-time optimizer and does not support changing of scheduling strategies at run-time. As it was primarily developed for the purpose of validating our theoretical results, select features were implemented for evaluation.


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