The Lens of Culture: Theoretical and Conceptual Perspectives in the Assessment of Psychological Trausma and PTSD

  • John P. Wilson
Part of the International and Cultural Psychology Series book series (ICUP)

The relationship between trauma and culture is an important one because traumatic experiences are part of the life cycle, universal in manifestation and occurrence, and typically demand a response from culture in terms of healing, treatment, interventions, counseling, and medical care. To understand the relationship between trauma and culture requires a “big picture” overview of both concepts (Marsella &White, 1989). What are the dimensions of psychological trauma and what are the dimensions of cultural systems as they govern patterns of daily living? How do cultures create social-psychological mechanisms to assist its members who have suffered significant traumatic events?


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Traumatic Experience Psychological Trauma Trauma Complex Trauma Survivor 
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