Cognitions and Beliefs

  • Robert J. Kohlenberg
  • Mavis Tsai


Harriet was asked by the first author to change her regular appointment time from 5:00 PM Mondays to 3:00 PM Tuesdays. Although she consented, Harriet revealed several weeks later that the change had caused a great deal of hardship. In order to accommodate the change, she had had to rearrange her work and school schedules, and her presenting problems of anxiety and depression were exacerbated. When asked why she did not refuse my request or explain how the change would be difficult, Harriet gave the following interpretation. Although it had occurred to her to object, she thought, “My willingness to give in to you shows how much I care about you and, besides, I didn’t want you to get angry at me. I can’t stand to have people I care about get angry at me.”


Cognitive Therapy Cognitive Structure Conscious Experience Subsequent Behavior Automatic Thought 
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