Gossypium Bioinformatics Resources

  • Alan R. Gingle
Part of the Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models book series (PGG, volume 3)


The primary goal of this chapter is to provide practical information for utilizing the array of Gossypium bioinformatics resources that are presently available. To establish the setting, the chapter begins with the description of a survey of Gossypium bioinformatics resources that was undertaken by the author in early 2007. Resources are categorized by life science area(s), available data types and available modes of data access. Navigating resources and searching for Gossypium data is then described through a broad collection of search examples that cover data categories ranging from maps, markers and genomic sequence through pedigree, phenotype and agroecology related. Possibilities for automated access to and utilization of resource data through Web services and workflows are described along with examples. Finally, the potential impacts of whole genome sequencing are noted, especially those affecting the range of data types and interface tools offered and the utilization of data exchange standards and ontologies.


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