Contract Type and Pricing Structure and the Practice of Information Systems Development – An Economical Perspective

  • Karlheinz Kautz
  • Bjarke Nielsen
Conference paper

Information systems development takes place within an economical context. Cost overruns are frequently reported and the delivery of information systems within appropriate time and cost limits has even been given as one justification for the utilization of information systems development methodologies [2]. However, the economical conditions, which shape systems development practice, are hardly ever researched and while outsourcing of IT services has been studied for quite a while (see f. ex. [6], [12]), an economical perspective on systems development is rarely applied by the information systems community.


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  • Karlheinz Kautz
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  • Bjarke Nielsen
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  1. 1.Department of InformaticsCopenhagen Business SchoolDenmark

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