Eclipse Trips – The Real Experience

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It might be thought that total solar eclipse trips are simply astronomical expeditions, i.e. hundreds (and thousands) of like-minded amateur astronomers heading to see the greatest show on Earth for a few brief minutes. However, after you have been on a few eclipse holidays you realise that they are much more than that. Totality is a painfully short experience. Even when you have been to quite a few eclipses you are still shocked when totality ends. Spectacular though the event is, few people (except the diehard umbraphiles) plan for years and spend thousands of dollars just for a buzz, lasting a few minutes. Unless a total solar eclipse just happens to occur very close to your part of the world, travelling to one will probably be part of a major holiday, so you might as well pack as much quality time into that holiday as possible. Relaxing with friends at a café or bar, overlooking some spectacular scenery, can be most enjoyable, as depicted in Fig. 8.1.


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