Eclipses and Tracks 2008–2028

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My intention in compiling this book was to present a highly readable explanation of total solar eclipses and advise potential eclipse chasers on how to understand, plan ahead, observe, image and enjoy future total solar eclipses. Part of the planning process involves knowing, years in advance, where total solar eclipses will occur, so some diagrams showing the tracks across the Earth’s surface are necessary. It was never my intention to make this book into a set of charts for eclipse chasers, especially not when the events are many years, or decades, in the future. Firstly, the definitive guide by Fred Espenak, the NASA Fifty Year Canon of Solar Eclipses, contains all the global charts up to 2035. Secondly, Espenak himself issues detailed charts, well in advance of total solar eclipses, which are freely available at the NASA Eclipse Home Page at


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