Pharmacotherapy in Diabetic Sexual Dysfunction

  • Niels Ejskjaer

Since the dawn of times the sexual act has been paramount to mankind. First of all, obviously to secure the propagation of generations and secondly as a remedy for physical and psychological wellbeing. Everybody, women and men, have the right to a well-functioning sexual life according to a WHO (World Health Organisation) resolution from 1995. However, quite naturally, expectations vary from one person to the next and throughout the course of a lifetime. The feeling of sexual inadequacy may be a reason for problems individually and in relationships. As many as 10–15% of all patients attending general practice suffer sexual dysfunction to such a degree that qualified advice and treatment are needed. It is often very difficult for patients to “bring up the topic”, and perhaps more worryingly, equally so for the clinician. Therefore, many suffer in silence and remain untreated resulting in reduced quality of life and negative impact on relationships.


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