Transition to the United States and Undergraduate Life at Princeton University

The dismissal of my father made continued stay in Germany impossible, although at the time of our emigration in 1934, actual persecution of Jews was not yet extensive. The Warburg Library, now located in London, offered a position to my father. At the same time, he was also offered a teaching appointment—at substantially higher compensation—at New York University, where he was already well known as the result of his earlier visits. But the main problem of how to provide for his sons’ educations remained. Charles Rufus Morey, the chair of the Princeton University Art Department, proposed a solution. He offered my father free housing for the family along Princeton’s Prospect Avenue and free tuition for his two children, in exchange for some teaching concentrated in two days of the week. My father accepted this offer, which resulted in a complex arrangement that left him time to commute to New York University, to which he would dedicate the largest share of his teaching attention.


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