Interviewing in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

  • Jon Streltzer
  • Hoyle Leigh

After being informed by the consultation-liaison (CL) service receptionist that there was a consultation request for evaluation of suicidality and psychosis for Melinda Smith in room 302, the psychiatric consultant rushed into the four-bed room. The curtains were drawn around one bed, and it seemed a procedure was being performed. Another patient was snoring. Another patient was eating lunch but looked at the consultant curiously. The fourth patient had a nasogastric tube and was surrounded by several visitors. The consultant looked around the room, and asked in a loud voice, “Which one of you is Melinda Smith?” One of the visitors of the fourth patient pointed to the woman with the nasogastric tube. The consultant approached the bed, and said, “I am Dr. Jones, the psychiatrist. Your doctor tells me that you are having hallucinations and delusions and want to kill yourself. Is that correct?” What is wrong with this scene?


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