Embryonic Development of the Lymphovascular System and Tumor Lymphangiogenesis

  • Jörg Wilting
  • Maria Papoutsi
  • Kerstin Buttler
  • Jürgen Becker
Part of the Cancer Treatment and Research book series (CTAR, volume 135)

The embryonic development of the lymphatic vascular system starts considerably later than the blood vascular system. In chick embryos, the first blood vessels can be seen after 1 day of incubation, whereas morphological evidence for lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) is present around day 5.However, with specific marker molecules, such as the transcription factor Prox1, LEC precursors can be identified in day-3.5 embryos. In the mouse, blood vessel development starts at embryonic day (ED) 7.5, whereas the anlagen of lymph vessels can be seen in the jugular region at ED 10. In human embryos there is a period of 3–4 weeks between the appearance of the first blood vascular endothelial cells (BECs) and LECs.


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