Patterns of Metastatsis in Head and Neck Cancer

  • Jochen A. Werner
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The knowledge of the lymphatic system draining the upper aerodigestive tract is much less precise than the one of the blood vessel system of the mentioned region. Discussions around the tendency of lymphogenic metastatsis are increasingly led on a molecular biologic level than on morphologic facts like the distribution and also the tightness of the regional lymph vessels.The latter aspect is of great significance because the tendency of lymphogenic metastatic spread is directly influenced by the density of the lymph vessels in the area of the primary tumor. The analysis of the lymphatic system, which is based on different examination methods, allows a nearly constant description of the architecture of the lymphatic network (1-4). In connection with the controversial discussion about optimized therapy for cases with no clinical evidence of lymphogenic metastasis, lymphatic distribution and density is of fundamental interest with regard to the value of sentinel node identification in HNSCC.


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