Cytokines and Sleep: Neuro-Immune Interactions and Regulations

  • Tetsuya Kushikata
  • Hitoshi Yoshida
  • Tadanobu Yasuda


Over past decades, many researches focused on sleep function. These theories proposed that sleep is needed to form some tissue construction. For example, theories of sleep function(s) deal with body functions such as body growth (Schussler et al. 2006) and immune enhancement (Bryant, Trinder, and Curtis 2004; Opp and Toth 2003) or with brain functions such as stimulation of memory consolidation (Takashima et al. 2006; Walker and Stickgold 2006) and maintenance of synaptic superstructure all involve some aspect of construction (Krueger, Obal, and Fang 1999). Much evidence shows that there is a bidirectional communication between immune system and sleep. A complex cytokine network is involved in sleep regulation (Opp 2005; Turrin and Plata-Salaman 2000). Inflammation-related cytokines have somnogenic or antisomnogenic effects depended on type of cytokines. We provide a short review dealing with an interaction between sleep and immune system.


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