Tridimensional Brow, Glabella, and Temple Enhancement with Micro Fat Injection During Endoscopic Forehead Rejuvenation

  • Oscar M. Ramirez
  • Camilo O. Reyes


Endoforehead lift is one of the most common endoscopic procedures among the techniques in endoscopic plastic surgery. The endoscopic “browlift” or “forehead lift” is similar to the open procedures where unidimensional or bidimensional stretching of the brow and forehead soft tissues is performed. Since the early pioneering techniques of Dr. Ramirez, I have been gradually introducing several modifications to improve the outcome of the typical endoforehead. One of these modifications is the tridimensional or volumetric restoration of the upper face. Among the several modalities to obtain tridimensionality, We will deal in this chapter with tridimensional enhancement of the brow, glabella, and temple with micro fat injection.


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  • Oscar M. Ramirez
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  • Camilo O. Reyes
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  1. 1.The John’s Hopkins University School of MedicineBaltimore
  2. 2.Esthetique InternationaleTimoniumUSA

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