Simple “Bedside” Cautery Entropion Repair

  • David J. Singer


This is a simple and effective “bedside” procedure for someone unwilling or unable to undergo surgery in the operating room. Following injection of local anesthetic (lidocaine/epinephrine) and topical anesthetic drops, insert a lid plate into the inferior fornix for globe protection. Using your finger, downwardly displace the roll of orbicularis adjacent to the lid margin, rolling the lid outward. With a disposable hand-held cautery, make multiple vertical stab incisions through the lid down to the lid plate so that, when finished, you have six or so vertical stab incisions charred burns longitudinally along the middle part (over the tarsus) of the lid, from medial towards the lateral canthal area. Apply your favorite antibiotic/steroid ointment. No patch is required, but patients need reassurance that the burn marks will totally disappear.


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