Nonablative Laser and Light Facial Rejuvenation

  • Jeffrey S. Dover


Nonablative laser and light treatments provide an alternative to traditional full-face laser resurfacing, an ablative modality in which carbon dioxide and/or erbium:YAG lasers are used to remove the entire epidermis and portions of the dermis. While results in expert hands are impressive, the recovery period last several weeks and the risk/benefit ratio is high. As an alternative, nonablative treatments improve skin texture and tone, some improve wrinkles or surface irregularities including scarring, and some additionally address dyspigmentation and/or erythema and telangiectasia. The epidermis is not visibly disrupted in nonablative treatment. Nonablative resurfacing is attractive to physicians and patients alike because, contrary to ablative resurfacing, there is little downtime. Fractional laser resurfacing lies somewhere between true ablative laser resurfacing and non-ablative devices. Fractional erbium:YAG and fractional CO2 lasers used at low energies and pattern density do not ablate the epidermis, and are effective in improving sun induced brown pigmentation and fine to moderate wrinkles.


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