Achieving Beautiful Lip Augmentation

  • Kimberly J. Butterwick


Achieving successful and beautiful lip augmentation is a balance of the physician’s aesthetic eye, the patient’s natural anatomy, and the patient’s desired look. A key to a satisfied patient is to understand the patient’s concerns and goals. This is established during the consultation, in which the patient’s goals for her lips are discussed. Does a patient want her lips larger or simply to have better definition when applying lip liner? Patients have unique preferences, such as whether he or she wants the upper lip larger or smaller than the lower lip or how large the lip should be. Some want central fullness, while others desire a full lip across the entire length. Theses goals are discussed in the context of the examination period. Some patients have very thin lips, which may not be amenable to the goals that they have in mind. Some have a very long distance from the nose to the vermillion border and augmentation would make a heavy protruding upper lip. Many patients are afraid to have the lip overdone and need reassurance that enhancement can be very natural and undetectable. Patients with a history of herpes simplex virus may need to be treated prior to the procedure. Allergies and filler choices are discussed as well. The discussion will therefore outline a reasonable outcome, duration, expense, risks, and benefits.


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