• Ahmad Wagih Abdel-Halim

Breast Feeding


  • Timing: Most infants start feeding within the first 6 hours after birth.

  • Most important factor for efficient breast feeding: Adequate hydration of mother.

  • Type of milk: Colostrum is the main breast milk during the first 7–10 days after labor, after which it transforms to the established form. Colostrum has a high content of proteins, macrophages, immunoglobulins, epidermal growth factor (for GI epithelization), and small amount of calories compared to established milk.

Advantages of Human Milk

  • Bifidus factor: A glycoprotein that stimulates the growth of lactobacillus bifidus and lactobacillus acidophilus in the infant’s intestine. Lactobacilli convert lactose to lactic acid; which kills pathogens and promotes absorption of calcium and iron.

  • Essential fatty acids: e.g., Linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids. They are essential for maturation of the CNS.

  • Iron: High iron content with high bioavailability, hence, routine iron supplementation is not needed...


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