Motion Dynamics

  • Reza N. Jazar


From a Newtonian viewpoint, the forces acting on a rigid body are divided into internal and external forces. Internal forces are acting between particles cof the body, and external forces are acting from outside the body. An external force is either contact force, such as actuating force at a joint of a robot, or body force, such as gravitational force on the links of a robot. External forces and moments are called load, and a set of forces and moments acting on a rigid body is called a force system. The resultant or total force F is the sum of all the external forces acting on a body, and the resultant ortotal moment M is the sum of all the moments of the external forces about an origin.
$$ F = \sum\limits_i {F_i } $$
$$ M = \sum\limits_i {M_i } $$


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