Pancreatic Cytopathology: A Pragmatic Approach

  • David C. Chhieng
  • Edward B. Stelow
Part of the Essentials in Cytopathology book series (EICP, volume 3)


This chapter discusses a general approach for the diagnosis of pancreatic lesions using cytologic samples. An algorithm is supplied that represents the authors’ best attempt to recapitulate our own thoughts when we approach samples from the pancreas. Although most cytologists likely use similar processes as they tackle specimens from all parts of the body, an algorithm is destined to be imperfect as it simplifies the multitude of clues that are used to arrive at final diagnoses while also complicating the process by not incorporating the numerous shortcuts that help us to avoid pitfalls. The approach described below utilizes our experience in evaluating pancreatic lesions and is an attempt to put into words a systematic method for the correct identification of most pancreatic lesions by combining clinical, radiographic, and cytologic findings. Specific pitfalls are discussed in the following chapters that describe the individual lesions in more detail.


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