Emphasis On Environmental And Safety Aspects

  • During cutting the extrudates splinters of the rotating knives may get into the product

  • high energy input.

  • Spelt wheatspelt wheat is known as organic grown grain, as manuring is not possible.

Introduction 1. Introduction

Spelt wheat is an ancient and under-utilized crop. As only wheat, rice and corn are of general interest worldwide the aim is the production of spelt wheat crisps for further use in granola bars. The texture , the bulk density and the expansion index of the extruded material will be measured.

Times of overproduction and environmental problems remind people of less productive but ecological beneficial crops. Furthermore they increase the interest in healthy nutrition and in food cultivated and produced without fertilizers or plant-protective agents.

Spelt wheat is ancient wheat covered with husks and able to grow even in colder climates and on poorer soils. But due to more difficult cultivation and processing, spelt wheat...


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