Ingredients in Infant Foods – Pregelatinized AmaranthamaranthFlour Using a Drum Dryerdryer

  • Gernot Zweytick
Part of the Integrating Safety and Environmental Knowledge Into Food Studies towards European Sustainable Development book series (ISEKI-Food, volume 5)

Emphasis On Environmental And Safety Aspects

  • Heating and cooling step by step for prevention of cracks in the surface of the drum (104 Pa min–1) – metal splinters in the product.

  • Environmental problems concerning high energy input.

  • High energy input.


Amaranth is a plant originally grown in South America. It is a pseudocereal and has a starch content of about 60%. It does not contain gluten and thus, it can be used by people suffering from celiac disease and its use in infant food should be forced.

Amaranth grain (Amarantus cruentus) could be the basis of infant formula because of its combination of high digestibility and nutritional quality. For the use in infant food, the amaranth flour should be pregelatinized. The degree of gelatinization depends on the method. In comparison to other methods like extrusion cooking the drum drying technology reaches a degree of gelatinization of almost 100%.

A disadvantage of the drum drying is the high energy input and the low rate of...


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