Mixing – Determining Mixing Parameters

  • Mustafa Bayram
  • Fahrettin Göğüş
Part of the Integrating Safety and Environmental Knowledge Into Food Studies towards European Sustainable Development book series (ISEKI-Food, volume 5)


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Some Web Site of Interest

  1. The Experimental Nonlinear Physics Group at the Univ. of Toronto describes experiments of unmixing sand and provides illustrations at http://mobydick.physics.utoronto.ca/sand.html.
  2. Julio Ottino (Dept. of Chem. Engg., Northwestern Univ.) provides links to many of his papers on granular mixing. See http://pg.chem-eng.nwu.edu/mixing/.
  3. The Hayes & Stolz Industrial Mfg. Co., Inc. uses a ribbon blenders in its Continuous Blender (seehttp://www.hayes-stolz.com/continumxr.htm) and in its Counterpoise Mixer (seehttp://www.hayes-stolz.com/cntrpoimxr.htm).
  4. Continuous mixers – for example Littleford Day Inc., see http://www.littleford.com/km.html
  5. Dispersing solids in gas to aid drying, extraction, etc. – Littleford Day Inc., see http://www.littleford.com/dvt.html
  6. Cooling and mixing – Littleford Day Inc., see http://www.littleford.com/k.html
  7. High shear equipment for granular and fibrous materials, etc. – Littleford Day Inc., see http://www.littleford.com/cb.html
  8. Littleford Day – http://www.littleford.com
  9. Eastern-Cleveland Mixers – http://www.emimixers.com
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  11. Food Processing Equipment Company – http://www.fpec.com
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