Proofs of theorems, lemmas and corollaries

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In this chapter we provide further details, including many proofs, of the theorems, lemmas and corollaries that appear throughout the main text. For the more mathematical reader the proofs are of interest in their own right and many of these proofs either do not appear elsewhere or are not easily accessible. Many of the large sample derivations lean upon the theory of Andersen and Gill (1982) and were first worked out by Xu (1996). This chapter will be of use to the less mathematical reader who is concerned that results be well established and lean on solid reasoning. He or she, assuming some limited mathematical facility, will be in a better position to bring under scrutiny any areas of doubt. Finally, ignoring this chapter altogether will not detract from the main ideas.


Central Limit Theorem Asymptotic Normality Weighted Score Partial Likelihood Random Censorship 
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