Taxonomic outline of the phylum Firmicutes

  • Wolfgang Ludwig
  • Karl-Heinz Schleifer
  • William B Whitman
All taxa recognized within this volume of the rank of genus and above are listed below. The nomenclatural type is listed first within each taxon followed by the remaining taxa in alphabetical order.
  • Phylum XIII. Firmicutes
    • Class I. “ Bacilli
      • Order I. Bacillales AL (T)
        • Family I. Bacillaceae AL
          • Genus I. BacillusAL(T)

          • Genus II. AlkalibacillusVP

          • Genus III. AmphibacillusVP

          • Genus IV. AnoxybacillusVP

          • Genus V. CerasibacillusVP

          • Genus VI. FilobacillusVP

          • Genus VII. GeobacillusVP

          • Genus VIII. GracilibacillusVP

          • Genus IX. HalobacillusVP

          • Genus X. HalolactibacillusVP

          • Genus XI. LentibacillusVP

          • Genus XII. MarinococcusVP

          • Genus XIII. OceanobacillusVP

          • Genus XIV. ParaliobacillusVP

          • Genus XV. PontibacillusVP

          • Genus XVI. SaccharococcusVP

          • Genus XVII.TenuibacillusVP

          • Genus XVIII. ThalassobacillusVP

          • Genus XIX. VirgibacillusVP

        • Family II. “ Alicyclobacillaceae
          • Genus I. AlicyclobacillusVP(T)

        • Family III. “ Listeriaceae
          • Genus I. ListeriaAL(T)

          • Genus II. BrochothrixAL

        • Family IV. “ Paenibacillaceae
          • Genus I. PaenibacillusVP(T)


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  • William B Whitman
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  2. 2.Department of MicrobiologyUniversity of GeorgiaAthensUSA

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