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Atmospheric Phenomena

  • Neil Bone
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A clear, early spring evening, Thursday, 6-7 April 2000 had been keenly awaited for some months by amateur astronomers across northwestern Europe and North America. On this occasion, the planets Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter would form a neat grouping in the western sky together with the waxing crescent Moon in the growing twilight. Such conjunctions, when members of the Solar System are seen relatively close together in line of sight, are not especially rare, but the apparent gathering of four objects in a small area of the western evening sky was sufficiently noteworthy and photogenic to attract a lot of attention and, visible for that one evening only, was an event to be savoured and imaged while it lasted! Clear skies across the British Isles afforded excellent viewing and were especially welcome after a spell of cloudy, unseasonably cold weather.


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