Topics in Convexity

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In this chapter, we probe several topics that use significant ideas from convexity theory and that have significant applications in various fields. In particular, we prove theorems of Radon, Helly, Kirchberger, Bárány, and Tverberg on the combinatorial structure of convex sets, application of Helly’s theorem to semi-infinite programming, in particular to Chebyshev’s approximation problem, homogeneous convex functions, and their applications to inequalities, attainment of optima in maximization of convex functions, decompositions of convex cones, and finally the relationship between the norms of a homogeneous polynomial and its associated symmetric form. The last result has an immediate application to self-concordant functions in interior-point algorithms.


Convex Function Convex Hull Convex Body Convex Cone Minimax Problem 
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