Local Polarization Effects in Nitride Heterostructures and Devices

  • E. T. Yu
  • P. M. Asbeck

As described in the accompanying chapters of this volume, spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization effects play an extremely prominent role in Group III-nitride semiconductors, influencing potential and charge distributions and carrier transport in a broad range of nitride-based semiconductor heterostructure devices. In this chapter we focus on the existence, nature, and consequences of inhomogeneities in polarization fields and polarization charge distributions that arise from factors such as defects, non-uniform strain fields, or nanoscale compositional and layer thickness variations in basic heterostructure materials, as well as from process-induced defects, non-uniform stress due to metallization or etching, and related issues in electronic device structures. Possibilities for the intentional introduction of polarization fields to enhance device performance are also highlighted.


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