Lateral and Vertical Charge Transport in Polar Nitride Heterostructures

  • Yuh-Renn Wu
  • Madhusudan Singh
  • Jasprit Singh

Information processing devices driving the modern technology revolution are based on materials such as semiconductors, ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics, ferromagnetics, etc. In thesematerials there is a strong change in one or more physical property in response to an external perturbation. Semiconductors where there is a strong change in electrical conductivity or optical properties are the most important materials in today’s technology. However, most semiconductors don’t have strong response to external stress or magnetic fields or temperature changes. Also most traditional semiconductors breakdown in the presence of strong electrical fields and cannot be used for very high power generation. The realization of new devices based on GaN, InN and AlN has increased the capabilities of the semiconductor family allowing not only traditional devices to operate better but also allowing new devices to be conceived. In this chapter we will focus on transport and charge control devices based on nitrides.


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